3 pillars of sustainability




Sustainability plays a leading role in our corporate values.
We have built up our sustainability management based on the 3 pillars of sustainability.

In the area of ecology, the people / employees are at the center of attention.

We want to create a pleasant working environment with good and fair working conditions for all employees.

A safe working environment with fair pay and humanity among all those involved along our supply chain is also important to us.

We always take into account to keep the resource consumption and the environmental influences,
emanating from our products and our production, as low as possible and work to continually minimize our impact in that regard.

For this reason, we try to make our products as robust and durable as possible.

Life cycle management plays a decisive role in this.


Further information about our sustainability efforts can be found here:

Spendenübergabe Kinderhospiz Sterntaler
Spendenübergabe Kinderhospiz Sterntaler

Our social engagement

Our regional ties are not only reflected in the selection of our suppliers and business partners.
Every year, we support several social projects in the region through charitable donations or by participating in events with a charitable purpose.

In 2022 and 2023, these included the following campaigns:


  • Donation to the local community of Wattenheim for the preservation of local history
  • Donation to the Sterntaler children's hospice in Speyer
  • Participation in the "Lautrer Lebenslauf", whose registration fees benefit the "Mum/Dad has cancer" project
  • Donation to Life assistance Bad Dürkheim
Spendenübergabe Kinderhospiz Sterntaler

Donation to the Sterntaler children's hospice

Spendenübergabe Kinderhospiz Sterntaler

Donation to Life assistance Bad Dürkheim

Life cycle - the life cycle of our products

We want to offer all our customers climate-friendly and recyclable products.

An important condition for this is a sustainable supply chain. This includes not only the procurement of raw materials, but also the processing in our company, the transportation of the products and its use by our customers.

We place great value in the long lifespan and reparability of our products. We also ensure that the use of our products does not have a negative impact on the environment.

An intensive exchange with our manufacturers and suppliers of recycled or recyclable raw materials helps us to continuously optimize our products and their properties.
We also constantly optimize our own production processes wherever possible.

PLA granulate made from corn starch (material for the 3D printer)

Contact person

Anne Gomez Lauro

Anne Gomez Lauro

Sustainability Management

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