A headset is an indispensable part of personal safety equipment (PSE).
It protects hearing in noisy environments, allows communication and minimizes health risks.
Thereby, it is important to meet the specific requirements of each environment to ensure the health and safety of our customers.


The handset has a rich history as a key method of communication for special applications.

We specialize in the further development and improvement of existing technologies to provide sustainable and stable communication.

Cable manufacture

In the rapidly developing technology landscape, customized solutions for cables and cable manufacture are often essential. They make it possible to respond to special requirements, adapt obsolete technology and carry out individual development work. As experts in this field, we help to overcome technical hurdles and create innovative connections.


Innovative textile yarns offer unique properties that go beyond those of conventional yarns. These special yarns are developed for specific requirements. In close cooperation with textile experts and material scientists, fibers and materials are created that feature high resilience, heat tolerance and adapted flexibility and are optimized for customer requirements - perfect for aircraft, medical and high-tech industries.


As a supplementary or professional extension, we offer accessories for all our products that optimize use and/or improve wearing comfort. Our accessories also include hygiene sets to complete our repertoire. These are designed to enable users to clean their products and change hygiene components independently at any time.
If individual special solutions are required, we are also happy to implement our customers' wishes.

Sustainable maintenance

An essential part of our corporate responsibility includes the careful and responsible use of resources. When developing and manufacturing our products, we always pay attention to innovative eco-design, which is intended to ensure the long lifetime and reparability of our products. All components of our products are manufactured in ways, that parts can be exchanged and replaced individually. This means that defective goods can be repaired, and the product achieves a long lifespan.

Drones are unmanned aircraft that have become an indispensable part of reconnaissance today. They impress with their powerful reconnaissance technology including transport function, which underlines their versatility in applications. High-quality materials and short transport routes underline the "Made in Germany" seal of quality and at the same time promote the local economy..



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