About ODM

Our philosophy

In a globalized world in which quality, sustainability and responsibility are becoming increasingly important, odm consistently relies on the "Made in Germany" philosophy.

This guiding principle forms the foundation of our corporate identity and is the guarantee for
outstanding end products that are proudly manufactured in Germany.



We establish clear standards and clear responsibilities that point the way for continuous improvements and lead to security of our solutions. This also applies to the professional development and well-being of our employees.


Our corporate culture is based on valuing diversity. We welcome different ideas, strengths and cultural backgrounds. In our open environment, we promote creativity, teamwork and honest communication. Everyone belongs and is encouraged to contribute their best in order to succeed together.


We are committed to developing first-class audio solutions for individual customer requirements. Our diversity of perspectives drives continuous product improvements.
Customer-oriented growth and reliable fulfillment of promises are our guiding principles (maxims).


Our core values are based on respect for people and the environment. Local production is important to us in order to strengthen communities and reduce environmental impact. Sustainability shapes our actions - we are constantly optimizing to conserve energy and resources. We encourage our employees to behave in an environmentally conscious manner through training and information events.

Our goal: to set an example of responsibility and environmental awareness for a more positive world.

ODM GmbH in figures


in 2024

female quota: 36% | male quota: 64%

Production facility

m² in 2024

Production area: 1300 m²

Modern storage system

Storage area of 90 m³ distributed to over 31 shelves

Vehicle fleet

Electric vehicles

make up of the fleet in %

Charging points

in 2024